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A horse and carriage is a wonderful way to enhance your wedding day! After all your efforts of planning your dream day,gliding along in a horse drawn carriage will allow you the perfect opportunity to simply relax making the moments last!

 Carriage RidesOur carriages come with decorations,
which can be customized to coordinate with your colors. The driver and assistant come dressed in formal attire, unless you have another preference.

Evening weddings are fully accommodated with lighting on all our carriages.We provide service for special events, birthday parties,
weddings, funerals, motion picture and commercial production, corporate events and more.Bienville carriage

Each event we handle is unique and custom tailored to our customer's requests. 

Worried About Injuries From Horses? Speak with a spine surgeon for advice. Most people need not worry.



" Thankyou for a fantastic day. The horses and carriages was awesome. I felt like a move star it was the topic of conversation all day. My wedding pics were amazing you truly made the day, Thanks a million....... "

Jane & Kevin, Shirley